Maranatha Bible Church

Introducing project 2RadYouthRooms (if you follow us on Instagram) ! This was such a wonderful project to be apart of. As you have probably guessed by now, this project was two separate rooms, one designed for Middle School students and one for High School students. This was a new build project as well. The goal was to unify both rooms with large pops of bold color but still make them unique spaces for the two different groups using them. The Middle School room is first, showcasing fun and youthful colors. The High School room needed to be fun and energetic, but also reflect a bit of maturity. Each youth group had recently redesigned their logos, those were also a main point to start and draw inspiration from. Church renovations always involve many committees and multiple people use the spaces, we enjoyed and were honored to be a part of the collaboration. We also enjoyed working with Adkins Building Company and hope to collaborate in the future! As always, shout out to 12Stones Photography for the after shots!!