Little Annie’s Room

Let the renovations begin ! This is my first post on our #OldeFarmhouseFlip.  As promised on Instagram, I mentioned that I would be pretty transparent on this post in terms of life as newlywed millennials taking on and living in a home while renovating 🙂  My goal is to be informative and encouraging 🙂 So a little […]

Let the renovations begin !

This is my first post on our #OldeFarmhouseFlip.  As promised on Instagram, I mentioned that I would be pretty transparent on this post in terms of life as newlywed millennials taking on and living in a home while renovating 🙂  My goal is to be informative and encouraging 🙂

So a little background info, we purchased a 100 year old farmhouse about 4 years ago.  The plan when we purchased was to completely gut and remodel the home.  We did not have an exact timeline, but we decided to moved in and make due.  The only changes we made were ripping out the carpet that was everywhere…literally…kitchen, bathroom, porch, everywhere!

At first I was ok with the game plan, but the longer we lived in this old dingy house the harder it got for me.  As a designer, I am so impacted and refreshed by the space that surrounds me.  So for the past 4 years living with orange wood, 70’s floral wallpaper, and 90’s country hearts has been very challenging.  Nothing about this house reflects who I am or who my family is.  At first I was throwing myself pity parties because I didn’t have a house that I was proud of.  Furthermore, I was even slightly embarrassed when people asked where we lived.  This is where submission to my husband really kicked in.

Jokingly, I could say he has no shame but honestly he is securely rooted.  I would come home discouraged after meeting with clients and designing or seeing their amazing homes.  Here I was in my home putting plastic up on our windows for winter once again because they are seriously 100 years old.  He cut through all that and just remind me, we are not there yet.

It seems like a simple concept, but that was the turning point for me.  Ya, we aren’t!  We are newlywed’s.  AKA, starting out with nothing or actually even in the hole a few grand (or quite a few grand) because I brought the beautiful baggage of student loans into marriage with me.  So why would I be ashamed that my house isn’t of the same value as my parents or as a lot of the other homes sourroudn me ?  I can easily have a strong hold to want nice and expensive things, but I am at the beginning and literally starting out with nothing!  Even furthermore, shouldn’t I be grateful that we were able to buy a house.  (We live in an area where land prices are inflated quite a bit).  And that is when I remembered this quote, ” It is impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time.”  That really changed my perspective.  I most defiantly still have to control my thoughts, but living in this old house and saving up to remodel has taught me contentment, the value of the dollar, and lessons that have trickled into many other areas of my life.  It is not easy.  There were tears shed, by me. But it brought us closer in our marriage and I grew a lot in this particular season !

So if you are a newlywed, a millennial, just starting out, or staring down the barrel of a home renovation I want to encourage you to remember that you are not there yet!  I say yet, because it is good to have goals! But do not grow weary and miss out on this season of contentment or whatever lessons are laid out for you to learn!  I hope this was encouraging.  Let me know if it was or if I should just stick to the design stuff !

So the design part.  This was the first of our renovation.  Tid bit, We live about 30 – 40 min away from friends, family, and church.  Our goal is to live closer to all that so we know or time in this house is limited.  That being said, the objectives throughout this home flip is to do things right, use quality materials, but also stay frugal.

This room is small, so a bed and dresser is a tight fit.  We reframed the closet so it could store lots and there would be no need of a dresser.  We rewired the room, added outlets, and can lights.  I think it is so cool how houses used to be built with hardwood floors as the subfloor.  I really wanted to reclaim and showcase that element.  You will notice in some of the images that there is ripped wallpaper.  I was messing around and seeing how many layers.. I counted 5! The wall was this thin panelling called Celetose.  It chipped when we removed it, it did not come down in full sheets.  So we carried out a whole truck load of trash bags of this stuff! (There is a picture of that at the end) We installed the first sheet of drywall this house has ever seen!! (..carried in across the roof and through the window because the stairway is too of that at the bottom for your enjoyment as well! You should also be able to identify who the middle child is out of  Kyle’s family.  But I am so thankful for brother in laws who can do the heavy lifting!!)  Onto the finishes and furnishings!

So as always, I contrasted the wood elements with white paint.  I got really lucky with our crib.  Our neighbor happened to want to sell her’s…it was cute and white! So a win win for me !  I wanted soft curtains for “flowy” texture but I felt patterned would emphasis the walls and remind you how small the space was.  So I picked these simple white ones from Ikea. I have used them in multiple spaces because I love their soft pretty texture!!  I repainted an old dresser that one of Kyle’s  old roommates left behind.  Coincidentally, it was the perfect size for a changing table.  I added upholstery tacks across the top and spray painted the whole thing white.  The pulls are DIY leather pulls I made from free belt cut off from the local Amish leather shop.  I LOVE LOVE The Animal Print Shop.  Kyle and I each picked a picture for the nursery.  I had Grace Gradient make a custom quote to complete the line up of 3 frames above the changing table.  I picked a gender neutral rug. (since we didn’t find out what gender we were having )  Then, once Annie bug was born I picked a small scale, pastel sheet from Etsy for some much needed pattern and color in the room.  I DIY’d the mobile as well, puling some of the pastel colors up and around the room. Lastly, who doesn’t love a good fiddle leaf!? Again, a little DIY pom pom treatment on a Target basket.  I think that is about everything.

Lastly, as a general disclaimer…. I do not share info on client’s projects but for my own home I have no problem sharing the sources !  I hope you enjoyed all this and it inspires you in your own home ! Thanks for taking the time to read this long spiel and as always I am sure there are a few grammatical errors mixed in!