Oh Deer Intro

Today we are excited to begin our unveiling of #ProjectOhDeer. This was a BIG project with lots of beautiful, custom details and design elements so cramming it all into one blog post was just not practical. We decided to break it down and reveal it room by room so that we could really focus on all the wonderful things going on in this tucked-away home remodel.

Before we can get into all the pretty stuff, we thought it would be helpful to see the starting point. This is where we start all our projects, the space planning phase, where we dive deep into the function for the design. We do reveal one pretty piece, the beautiful white oak floors.

Our homeowners are a young family with a little boy, a dog, and two cats. The wife prefers a relaxed Cali vibe with some nods to traditional elements and a Bohemian flair, while the husband prefers a more outdoorsy style (think wood and natural elements). They purchased this home, built in the 1990s, for its amazing setting and obvious potential. It is hidden away on acres and acres of wooded land, hence the name “Oh Deer.” The views on this property are to die for. 

The clients’ main goals for their new home were to update the finishes throughout, add lighting, and solve some functional issues. The solutions that we came up with to solves these issues were as follows: change the countertop space in the kitchen to include more prep space, add a pantry, mudroom, and wet bar, remove the step-down living room, create a foyer, re-work the master bathroom and finally, add lots of recessed lighting. The clients also requested that we keep the wood trim, so this was an element to consider as we picked out flooring and finishes. 

We proposed two options for the Master Suite and Laundry/Mudroom. Follow along to see which ones they picked!

The floorplans look relatively the same, but if you look close at option 1 you can see built-in’s on either side of the end tables. The vision for this layout was for a simple bed frame set in front of a huge floor to ceiling rolled velvet headboard.  There would be tall antique glass doors on either side, one hiding floor to ceiling shoe storage, and the other an entrance to a small closet. The floorplan for the master bedroom option 2 was basically the same, but eliminating the built-in’s on either side. The vision for this layout was for a simple but pretty wood detail wall with a large upholstered bed in front, flanked on either side by real pretty oak end tables. Somewhere since our presentation (over a year ago) and now, I have misplaced the design for option 1. It is still fun to see the design for option 2, so I included it below. Stay tuned to see which one they choose? 🙂

And to wrap up this project intro, the husband wanted to surprise the wife with a special makeup vanity area in her closet. We came up with two designs, one required adding a beautiful picture window and the other was to frame in a pretty archway, stay tuned to see which one he chose how it turned out!!

As you can see, there was a lot of work to be done to create the perfect home for our clients. We love the challenge that comes from meshing the desires of both the husband and the wife, especially when they are different and unique. It stretches us as a design team and that’s a good thing! Join us as we begin our look at #ProjectOhDeer. It’s a good one!

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